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BigCommerce meets Kindly - supercharge your e-commerce!

We offer:

  • AI chatbots

  • live chat

  • virtual shopping assistant

  • conversion optimization

  • cart abandonment emails

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BigCommerce and Kindly have partnered to provide an integrated AI chatbot solution, designed to streamline customer relations and enhance the overall shopping experience.
With Kindly, BigCommerce customers can now access automated customer service, 24/7. Our AI chatbot technology can answer customer inquiries quickly and accurately, and provide personalized recommendations and offers.
Additionally, our chatbot technology can help reduce customer service costs and improve customer satisfaction. BigCommerce and Kindly are excited to bring this innovative solution to our customers, and we look forward to helping you get the most out of your e-commerce platform.

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Kindly's conversational AI solutions are trusted by

leading global brands

What makes Kindly different?

Less time spent on maintenance

Kindly will suggest new training data that you can accept with the click of a button. We call this 'Bot Improvements', and it's saving chatbot trainers many hours

Easy to customize and integrate

No coding needed for the chatbot to fit your branding. Connect seamlessly with other platforms such as Hubspot, Messenger and Zendesk, and create custom chatbot integrations

More than buttons - build entire dialogues

Kindly’s chatbot can answer specific questions, instead of forcing users through a selection of buttons that might not even be relevant. Create 'entities' by using frequently used alternative words, so that the chatbot can understand user intent

Multilingual bots with 100+ languages

Train the chatbot in one language and it will understand inquiries in more than one hundred

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Connect seamlessly with other platforms and create custom chatbot integrations


Our AI chatbot integrates seamlessly with your website, communication tools and marketing services


Why Kindly is the perfect chatbot for e-commerce

Let the chatbot handle the repetitive stuff so you can focus on growing your business.

Automate repeat customer support processes while expanding opening hours - all without the added personnel costs.

Our chatbot follows user behavior and gives personalized recommendations that help you sell more.

We don't slow down your website, and we directly integrate with your existing tech stack and brand design.

Leverage a cutting edge AI chatbot that you can set up and use without any coding skills.

Platform features and benefits

Why our customers love Kindly

    Happy Socks For Landing Page

    "Implementing the Kindly chatbot to our website has been really exciting and a game-changer to our customer experience journey. Their platform is extremely user-friendly, very intuitive, and from day one, easy to use. I can proudly say that the launch day was smooth and with no downtime. It’s really a no-brainer why their name is “Kindly”. Can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve next!"

    María Slof Pacilio, Happy Socks


      "We picked Kindly due to its ease of use. We liked its multilingual capabilities and the fact that it allowed us to connect easily with other systems."

      Edward Thorstad, Norwegian


        "With Kindly Bot Improvements, admins use 80 percent less time reviewing data and identifying problems. Simply having the tool makes the work so much faster."

        Helmi Jokinen, Elkjøp Nordic


          "Kindly helps us generate inbound leads from new potential buyers and helps support our existing customers, all within the same integrated platform. It’s quick to get up and running, going live with new campaigns and important messages for our customers in a short amount of time."

          Roger Andersen, Renault Norway

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